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County Board Update for 9-27-18:  Susan Kohout, Supervisor for District 6


On Thursday, September 27th the County Board will conduct the following business. (Note that this is a change from the usual fourth Tuesday because of a conflict with the Wisconsin Counties Annual Convention.)

Resolution – Non-Commercial Hangar Site Lease Agreements #19 & 53: This resolution authorizes the Highway & Airport Committee to enter into 10-year non-commercial hangar site lease agreements with a 10-year renewal clause with a private citizen or business, for the parcels of land owned by the county on which Buildings No. 19 & 53 have been constructed at the Cherryland Airport.

Resolution – Petition the Secretary of Transportation for Airport Improvement Aid by Door County Cherryland Airport, Door County, Wisconsin: This resolution is the start of the process for requesting a State and Federal Block Grant (which requires a 20% cost share) and/or Entitlement Fund money (which has a 5% cost share) for the 2019 budget.  The improvements desired are as follows: replace rotating beacon and beacon tower; sealcoat and crack fill airport pavements; reconstruct/strengthen runway 2/20 including lighting and Runway End Identifier Lights; lightning protection for airfield lighting; replace fence gates; reconstruct ramp including two additional concrete pads; reconstruct taxiways; replace taxiway lighting and reflectors; conduct wildlife site visit and site assessment; purchase snow removal and mowing equipment; clear runway approaches, and any necessary related work.

Resolution – Approval of EPCRA County-Wide Strategic Plan: This resolution approves the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) County-Wide Strategic Plan. The purpose of this plan is to develop policies and procedures for responding to hazardous materials incidents and/or accidents in compliance with the requirements of EPCRA in order to protect the community from the harmful and possibly life-threatening effects of a hazardous materials release.  It forms part of the county Emergency Operations Plan.

Resolution – Committee Appointment –: This resolution confirms the proposed appointment to boards, commissions, and committees.

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) – two new appointees:

  • Sue Powers - Door County Public Health
  • Bob Mayer - Red Cross

Resolution – Authorize Application for and Acceptance of Financial Assistance for Robert LaSalle County Park Prairie Planting: This resolution authorizes the Parks Superintendent to prepare and submit a County Conservation Aids grant application in the estimated amount of $3,700, accept any grant award, and implement it if granted.  The estimated county match of $1,850 for the project will be funded through a gift from the Friends of Door County Parks.

Resolution – Grant of Easement to WPSC – Cana Island: This resolution authorizes the grant of a non-exclusive utility easement to Wisconsin Public Service Corporation as to a portion of Cana Island to construct, install, operate, inspect, maintain, repair, replace, abandon and remove facilities used in connection with the underground transmission and distribution of electricity.

Resolution – Appointment of Door County Finance Director: This resolution confirms the appointment of Steve Wipperfurth as Door County’s Finance Director with a start date of October 1, 2018.

Resolution – Resolution in Support of Increased County Child Support Funding: This resolution requests that state funding for county child support agencies be increased by $1.5 million GPR in each fiscal year of the 2019-21 Wisconsin state budget, which will generate approximately $3 million in additional federal funding each year. State funding for county child support services has not increased above the 2007 funding level while county agency costs have steadily increased due to growing caseloads, inflation and new federal regulations.

Resolution – In Support of Increasing the Compensation for Defense Counsel Appointed by the Wisconsin Public Defender’s Office: This resolution urges the State of Wisconsin to provide sufficient resources to the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s (SPD) Office to increase the rate of pay for state-funded SPD appointments to $100 per hour and the future increases to the rate of inflation. The rate of pay for state-funded SPD appointments of $40 per hour has not been increased since 1995, and is the lowest in the nation.  In the meantime, the Wisconsin Supreme Court increased the hourly rate of pay for county-funded, court-appointed, attorneys from $70 to $100 per hour.  This disparity in pay leads private attorneys to refuse state-funded SPD assignments in order to take county-funded, court-appointed assignments.  This results in an unfunded mandate.

Resolution – Part Time Pay Rates (Replacing Resolution #2017-67): This resolution increases the following part time pay rates:

Standby Bridgetender $17.50 to $17.75
Parks Seasonal Class V $14.50 (creation of new position)
Museum Director $12.85 to $13.25
Assistant Curator Part Time $12.10 to $12.50


Resolution – New Position Requests for 2019 (Increase of Hours, Reclassifications, New Positions):

This resolution approves the following increase of hours and new positions for 2019:

District Attorney

.8 FTE to 1.0 FTE Admin. Assistant II


Human Services

.5 FTE to 1.0 FTE Cook


Increase Limited Term Employee (LTE) hours at the ADRC

1 FTE Transportation LTE

1 FTE Psychiatrist



LTE Archives Researcher


Resolution – Transfer of Non-Budgeted Funds – Recruitment of Psychiatrist: This resolution approves supplementing the 2018 appropriations for the Human Resources budget by transfer of up to $30,000 from the Contingency Expense Account to the Human Services Dept. (HSD) Psychiatrist Recruitment Account to cover the fees and expenses of a recruiter or headhunter to assist in filling the full-time DHS psychiatrist position. The HSD has been seeking to hire a full-time staff psychiatrist unsuccessfully for the better part of two years.

Resolution – Classification of Employees for Purposes of the Wisconsin Retirement System Under Ch. 40.06(1)(D), Wis. Stats.: This resolution states that the proper classification of a Door County Security Deputy, the Security Sergeant, Court Security/Transport Deputy, and Jail Lieutenant is that of ‘general’ and not ‘protective occupation’ status for Wisconsin Retirement System Purposes.

Resolution – Right of First Refusal [SE ¼ of the SW ¼ Township 27 North, Range 25 East]: This resolution exercises the county’s right of first refusal to purchase the property. As funds have not been separately appropriated for this purpose in 2018, up to $25,000 may be transferred from the Contingency Expense account for the purpose of purchasing the property.


Amendment of Chapter 23 Door County Code: The amendment of Chapter 23, Door County Code adopts the recent changes made by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regarding the spreading of animal waste.  Chapter 23 deals with Agricultural Performance Standards and Animal Waste Storage Ordinance.

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County Official Directories 2018-2019 are now available in the County Clerk's Office at the County Government Center. This small book contains a wealth of information on all local governmental bodies, county parks, and other county information.  The first copy is complimentary.  Additional directories can be picked up for $3 each.  To have the directory mailed, please submit $4 each to Door County Clerk, 421 Nebraska St., Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235.

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