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Click on the "Town Projects Timeline" link below for a timeline that shows the planning, design, financing, and construction forecast for current projects.

Town Projects Timeline

This timeline is also included in the 2017 Annual Town Meeting packet.

Highway 42 Resurfacing

Boat Trailer Parking Lot

Progress continues with the boat trailer parking lot project. The Town’s efforts to create an improved, more accessible public parking area goes back to the early 1990s when the Town originally purchased the parcels of land on which Fish Creek Park and the current boat trailer parking lot—and future expanded lot area—are located. The following timeline shows the history (and future) of the boat trailer parking lot.

Town Projects_BoatTrailerParkingLot_Timeline

Beach Improvements

Follow the progress of the Town Beach project. Click on the links below to view the current drafts of the beach Phase 1  Site plan and Bathhouse Design.

Town Beach Project: Phase 1 Site Plan

Town Beach Project: Bathhouse Design Draft